Flash Back Friday

Recently I spent time with a friend that I made back in high school. Ten years of off and on friendship that started my junior year of High School. Prior to fully devoting my life to Christ I wasn't the best role model out there. I had a mouth like a sailor, I didn't care about much of anyone but myself and my friends, my family was last, and all I cared about was the weekend, going out and having fun.

Whenever I run into someone from High School that I haven't seen in quite a while I tend to get this flustered feeling. Almost a feeling of inadequacy, I revert back to thinking I'm still the 17 year old girl who used to drive like a maniac with her system bumping way too loud. The girl who falsely pretended she didn't care what anyone thought of her. I sit here and I think about the feelings that come up when I see someone from back in the day. "They don't know that's not me anymore.." or "They probably think I'm still mean and self absorbed".

As those thoughts flood my mind I quickly remind myself that I am God's and He is mine and that through Him I've become new. I'm sure the 100's of people in my graduating class don't know that I'm different, but God knows. If it wasn't for Him there's no telling where I would be. So while the thoughts of my previous life of living for me and doing what I wanted regardless of the consequence come to mind, I hold those thoughts captive. I speak life over myself, the same life that so many incredible people have done along the way.

This post isn't so much about High School and the people I encounter from that time of my life. It's more about the fact that we at times care a little bit too much about what others think of us. Don't get this blog wrong, be respectful of authority and the Godly men and women who have been placed in your life. But when it comes to trying to impress others just so you look good, think again, it doesn't impress God.

I am new, I am not inadequate, and to Him, I am priceless.