Fan Friday

Today's Fan Friday: Brooke Vande Vegte!

It's really been amazing watching you from when you were singing in Kidzone, to singing on Mondays, to Tuesdays, to then singing on weekends. You are not at all the same girl you used to be. You are now a young woman ready to start taking on the world. I remember telling you sometime last year how it's been awesome watching you transform. I think back to that moment to now and I'm blown away by how much you've grown in your ability to sing, play, and lead. You are a natural born worship leader.

I look forward to the day when I get to see you recording your own songs, and even maybe singing with Phil Whickham ;) Don't let anyone stop you from what God wants to do with your life. You will always run into people who want to extinguish the fire inside of you and your dreams. Don't give anyone the power to be negative in your life. Surround yourself with supportive people who are going to continue pushing you to your fullest potential. Keep seeking after God and He will continue to open doors for you to use your influence for good.

Remnant, Kidstudios, and South Hills are blessed to have such a beautiful heart leading in our ministries. Thank you for all the hard work you put into each and every single thing you do. Love you, Brookey!


Fan Friday

This weeks Fan Friday features: Christian Amador aka Chef Christian from Kidnation Studios.


When I think of you I think of that infectious smile that brings so much joy to my heart. You have the ability to change the temperature in any room just by walking into it. Your positive attitude is something I admire and strive for.

I know I tell you this a lot but I always feel like I never say it enough. Thank you for always putting forth 100% effort. Your positive attitude, your heart, and your willingness to serve are the ingredients (see what I did there) of an incredible leader.

Know that I fully support whatever avenue of ministry you choose to pursue. Remnant and Kidnation are blessed to have you as part of the team. Your influence continues to make waves through out our students lives. I love that you aren't "too cool" to hang out with the younger kids and students. It's rare that you find someone who can serve in children's, youth, young adults, and main services. You have a gift of being able to relate to any age.

I can't say it enough how excited I am to see what God has to do through you and with you. I don't think you realize how truly gifted you are. One of the most amazing qualities about you is that you have a humble heart. Being humble doesn't mean thinking less about yourself, it means thinking of yourself less. I know you have confidence in yourself that you are an incredible guy, but I also know that you shine that onto others.

Lastly, I love how thoughtful you are. Thank you for always being willing to take care of any need I have. Whether that's bringing me coffee, making me laugh, making sure things are done, or just plain smiling to make my crazy day better. I appreciate all of it. Thank you for choosing to be part of the Remnant team. Love you, Christian!

P.S. When you're famous, don't forget about me ;)


End of an Era

There she is in all her beauty. The first car that I have ever purchased on my own at a car dealership. My old car pictured up top was the car that I had been driving for 3 and 1/2 years. I originally had a Toyota 4Runner that was costing me a cool $560 dollars a month. Not including insurance. I decided that it would be smartest to sell the 4Runner and get something easier on the wallet. So I sold it literally the day before I left for Africa and when I got back I purchased my little red Civic for a whopping $800 dollars. Three and a half years and close to 2,000 in repairs later she decided to get hurt enough to the point where I wasn't willing to fix her.

Enter my new beauty. I purchased her on July 2nd and I could not be happier. It still hasn't fully registered in my mind that she's mine. From what I was driving to what I am in now, I feel like I'm driving a Lexus. Small things like the radio having more than one station that works. The windows rolling up and down like they are supposed to. My locks actually locking. The AC working is a HUGE blessing! I still look down at the odometer to make sure she's not going to over heat. I forget that this car doesn't have that issue. It's honestly just another reminder of what a blessing these small things are. I'm sure most people don't think twice about the fact that their doors lock or their windows roll up. To me, it's a luxury.

The crazy part about this whole car buying experience is that I did it on my own. I didn't go in their with a man like I was told I should. I went in there knowing exactly what I wanted, how much I was willing to spend, and what I was and wasn't willing to compromise on. When it comes to buying cars and negotiating anything financial my dad was the one who would be there for me. He was the one who would say what was and wasn't a good deal. He was a super intimidating guy, having him there with me would have been nice, but I know he would have been proud of the way I handled myself. Silly how something as simple as buying a car would make me miss him, and yet holidays like Father's Day don't phase me much anymore.

The car has not yet been named. When she is officially named I will share with everyone.


Weekly Weigh In

Weekly Weigh In Results -0

I am happy to report that I did not lose, nor did I gain. Let me explain why I'm happy about that.Today was one of those days where I didn't want to step foot onto a scale, literally.

These past two weeks I worked out a total of ZERO times. I suppose I can't give excuses, but if I had to I would tell you that I was unable to get to the gym for lack of transportation. My car broke down late last Friday night and I was without a vehicle up until today.

The lack of vehicle also caused for not being able to go grocery shopping. Of course there are healthy options at fast food places, but when you don't have the opportunity to prepare meals beforehand your choices are limited.

And to top it off I had a friend visiting from out of town. This included trips to In N Out, Slaters 50/50, and a day at Disneyland. A day filled with corn dogs, pretzels, ice cream, and Pizza Port pasta.

It's easy to give excuses. If you want your desired results there is no room for excuses. All it takes is the will power and self control. Both of which I did not have these two weeks.


Fan Friday

Fan Friday: Jesse Santangelo

AKA "Santangelo! Santangelo! Santangelo!"


This morning I was remembering back to Remnant birthday last year when you shared your testimony. Looking back to where you were then to where you are now has been so amazing to see. I don't think you realize that the growth you have experienced isn't something that just happens, it takes work. It's takes work that you have been willing to put in because you realized that God has more for you.

It doesn't take but one conversation with you to know that you are something different, someone special. I am honored and privileged to have you as part of the team. Knowing that you support myself and our team where ever we go, and whatever we do means a lot to me. Your leadership abilities have risen and so has your influence. Always remember "with great power comes great responsibility". In the role that you are in you have been given great responsibility. Not only to be leading yourself to higher ground, but now you have a team of people that are there to follow your lead.

Continue pushing yourself to grow and better yourself. I'll be here along the way to be your loudest encourager. Always know that I am proud of who you are and who you continue to become. Being a great leader doesn't mean you need to be perfect, but it does mean that you do your best to set the tone and example. Remember that you are constantly being watched, not so others can catch you doing something wrong, but so that others know how to be.

I start thinking about where you will be in five years, ten years, etc. I don't know exactly where you will end up, but I know that you will be successful at whatever you put your mind to. You are one of the most intelligent students I know, don't let your talents and giftings sit and get dusty. Keep seeking after Him and He will direct your path. No matter what, follow your heart. Follow after the dreams and desires He has placed in you.

Thank you for always bringing your joyful smile and attitude to Remnant J. High. I always love seeing you front row!

P.S. I bet they never thought you would get "Fan Friday". You know what you tell them? Never say never ;)