India Benefit Concert

Remnant is hosting a summer camp in Hyderabad, India and its surrounding communities to promote discipleship, leadership development, and physical wellness. We need your support.

Tyrone & Elina Wells
Local music artists
Spoken word
Local artist display

Tickets $10 (*find us & get yours pre-sale to avoid the line at the door)
Childcare provided

Spread the word!!

*Only 800 tickets will be sold! Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis.


Five Years Ago...

Five years ago today my life changed forever. Today is the five year anniversary of my dad passing, my life would never be the same. Every year that passes I seem to write about where I am, how I'm feeling, and how this tragedy still effects my life.

For those of you who know me well, you know that my relationship with my dad was not the healthiest. In fact, it was unhealthy and did not depict the Godly relationship between a father and his daughter. I didn't get to see what a Godly man looked like, I didn't get the father who would constantly remind of what I gift I am. Though I lost my earthly father, I gained my Godly Father.

With my dad passing came a ripple of things to come. We lost the house I grew up in. My mom and I moved in with my sister. We lost our cars. We lost whatever money we had. We lost family. We lost friends. But we didn't give up on hope that this was bigger than us, and that things would eventually get better.

It wasn't until a friend invited me to church, she said it would probably help me feel better. I went to a Sunday service and I never looked back. From that moment I was making the necessary changes to becoming who God wanted me to become. It became more about what He wanted for me, not what I wanted to get for myself. The journey still continues, I haven't "arrived". That's the beauty of God, when you think you've gotten to "that place" He reminds you that He has so much more to offer us.

My purpose to writing a blog each year on this day is to remind me of what my life was like before I was living for Jesus. To remind me of how He makes all things work together for my good. To remind me that only He was able to pull me out of the rubble. To remind me that even in the darkest of times He shines His light on me. To remind me that even when times become difficult that He will be right there next to me.

My prayer is that through my life God's power and beauty would be reflected. My hope is that anyone in a dark time can see that even in the worst of tragedies there is triumph lying beneath.