As most of you know I was planning on going to India in December of 2010, due to unfortunate circumstances it was postponed. I am happy to announce that we have officially received the dates of this years trip. We will be leaving May 15th and returning May 29th. I was just officially told that my time off request at work has been APPROVED! Most of you may not see what the big deal is, but getting time off from my job is almost next to impossible when you have a staff as large as ours.

This has been such an emotional battle for me. So much of me just wanted to throw in the towel thinking that maybe this trip wasn't for me. Thinking that "what's the big deal if I don't go?". I can honestly say that I am so incredible blessed that I have been given this opportunity. I know God has a BIG plan for Remnant to do work out there. He's opening doors that we never thought were even possible. Knowing that He is completely behind us is a pretty amazing feeling.

We have been told that we will be working a youth summer camp for a week or so. This summer camp is designated for those who are in school. In India not everyone gets an education because not everyone can afford it. In the same way, not everyone can afford camps. What we have been recruited to do is put on a camp a week after the first camp for those in villages who may never get the chance to get an education, let alone attend a camp that grows them. I can't wrap my mind around what a BIG deal this is. I stand in awe of the God who has commissioned us to change the world.

SHAMELESS PLUG: Being that May is just around the corner we are going to PUMP fundraisers like never before! If you feel moved to give, please do so. Know that your money is going to aid us in bringing life to those who live in a hopeless world. Looking forward to partnering with you.


Fan Friday

My beautiful best friend and her husband are embarking on a new adventure in the creative business world. They have started their own film company called "Lunch Pail Pictures". They can be found at www.lunchpailpictures.com

They create everything from weddings to music videos. If it has a story, they can do it. I've seen plenty of people make videos, but what Candice and Geoff make is art. They capture life in such a beautiful way. The videos speak for themselves. Take a looksie at the masterpieces that have been created.

I am BEYOND excited about the bright future that these two have ahead of them!

<3 you guys!


Debt Free!

It's only February and I have already completed one of my personal goals of being DEBT FREE! Since I was 16 I have had credit cards, yes you read that correctly. Back when I was 16 my mom wanted to start building up my credit so I would have a good score. Well when I turned 18 my score was so good that I was given credit cards left and right. At 18 years old I would charge it, then mommy and daddy would pay it. At this point I had no job, credit cards, and a car payment, ALL paid for by my parents.

My parents owned their successful business of chroming rims. You know, rollin' on 22's. When the economy started to take a turn for the worst, so did my parents business. This is when reality hit. I was faced with all of this debt to pay on my own with ZERO income. I quickly got a job and started to work my way out of the black hole called "debt". If you can believe it, at one point in my life I was about 50,000 dollars in debt. I used to have a brand new Toyota 4Runner that was costing me a whopping 556.00 a month. My paychecks were barely enough to cover my payment, hence my credit cards were being put to the side.

At 22 I made the decision to sell off my car and get a hoopty, aka my 95 Honda Civic that is still ticking! I bought my Civic for $800.00 dollars. She may not be the prettiest to look at, but she gets me from A to B. That relieved some of the debt, but it didn't get rid of the rest of the credit card mess.

I decided to go into debt consolidation. I paid a company to negotiate with my debt collectors to come to an agreement of monthly payment. Slowly but surely each card kept getting paid off. It is 2011, I am 26 years old and now I can finally say... I AM DEBT FREE!

There is not one credit card company , car company, or any company that I owe money to. Free as a bird! It's taken a long time, but I am so glad that I stuck to getting those cards paid off. Debt has an ugly way of holding a dark cloud over your head. I REFUSE to let myself get into debt like that again.

If you learn anything from this, never spend more than what you make, if you do use your credit card (which oddly to build up credit you need to) make sure that you can pay off what you spend in one paycheck. I'm not an expert on credit cards, but I do know that we weren't intended to live a life bound to creditors.