March Madness

Oh. My. Word. What a crazy month this has been! So many things have taken place in the last couple weeks that have really been amazing to see. I honestly don't even know where to start. I saw a couple friends get married, so excited for them and their new life together! Was able to be apart of an amazing night of prayer where I got about 3 hours of sleep but was 110% worth it. I'm still in school, I like it, but I think I will forever have an issue with homework. I'm not a fan of sitting at home for hours doing worksheets. I know it sounds like I'm being a baby, but it's one of the top reasons I dropped out years ago. BUT prayerfully that won't be the case this time around.

This weekend I put together a bachelorette party for the bride to be (Candice). We hit up Fred's in Huntington beach with about 15 ladies ready to party! No bachelorette party would be complete with out "Bachelorette" sash and fake veil to cause traffic amongst onlookers. After our night out we decided to take it easy on Saturday morning, breakfast at the Harbor House and mani pedis at the spa followed by a little shopping. Girls weekend indeed.

I can't believe in just 6 days I'll be standing behind Candice watching her get married. I've known this girl since I was 16 years old. It always amazes me the way our friendship came about. We've been through some good times, some bad times, some AMAZING times and some crappy times. The amazing will always outweigh the bad and time after time she proves that she will always be there for me. Hmm...thinking some of this might be good for my speech on Saturday. I'm beyond excited for her and Geoff. I've really come to see that they love and care so much about each other.

Only March 14th and the madness continues...


In Awe...

Tonight was our second week into the series "Miracles". We had special guest hard-core band "Sleeping Giant". They aren't just a band, they are ministry. A ministry that believes miracles are for TODAY, not just when Jesus walked this earth. To them, it's not a shock when someone gets healed. It's not a shock because we should EXPECT God to move. He has empowered us with the ability to go and heal the way He did.

The band was gracious enough to have a time of question and answer, and a time of being able to share their hearts. I don't know about you, but it's always a beautiful thing to me when I hear a man talking about how in love they are with Jesus, God and His Holy Spirit. To know that there are men out there who aren't ashamed or embarrassed to say they love God is truly amazing. They all shared stories of different healings, anything from a man with muscular dystrophy who could hardly stand, walking up out of his chair, or a young man who had a heart blockage that was completely gone two days later!

We praise God for using us to heal the broken, sick, wounded, emotionally abused etc. And somehow we are always surprised when He does it, is it because we lack the faith that He can? Instead of thinking "He can" we should believe that "He WILL". Expect miracles in your life, speak them into existence.

It makes my heart smile when I see how much we have spiritually grown. Watching the students go after God through worship is absolutely amazing to see. They reach out to touch the heart of God! The Holy Spirits presence is undeniable when you walk in that room. We're changing lives one soul at a time. It's an immense blessing to be apart of the Remnant family. A place where you don't need to fit in because you already belong. We'll always strive to make it about someone else and not just ourselves.

It's crazy to think that this is just the beginning... God isn't through with us yet.