So for those of you who read the previous blog about my mom and possibly having Uterine Cancer, she let me know yesterday that her tests came back NEGATIVE!!! It was so good to hear!

Thank you to those of you who prayed for her, it was much appreciated.



Signatures and Initials

Twenty four signatures and initials later I've got myself my very own apartment for 10 months :) I just got back a bit ago from signing my lease at the apartment complex! It felt so surreal signing those papers all by myself. No joke, twenty four stack of papers to read through (which I did not). I got the important info from the leasing agent.

Official move date is THIS Sunday! It came around so fast, I knew it would. The house is already looking more empty. Boxes fill the living room now where our furniture used to be. It's exciting! And also bittersweet. I'm really looking forward to the craziness that will ensue this week. By this time next week I'll be blogging from my new home.

Stay tuned...


Date Night with Luca

Last night I had the oppurtunity to hang out with my nephew Luca. This kid is adorable. I really don't just say that because he's my nephew. He's so much fun! He talks now so communicating with him is a lot easier for me. He's hilarious the way he repeats things, which I have to watch out for.

We started out our night with a trip to McDonald's for chicken nuggets, or as he likes to call them "nuggies". Driving with him was fun, "I got a feeling" came on the radio and he only sang the word "night". We watched "Barney" as our dinnertime entertainment. I'm not really a fan of Barney but I can appreciate that he teaches the kids something new in every episode.

After dinner we played a little soccer, dodgeball, and had a little photo shoot (photos to come). He managed to kick me in the face but it's all good, luckily he has tiny feet. When bed time rolled around he knew the drill, change to pjs and got the books out. Reading to him was probably my favorite of the whole night. He sat on my lap and just listened so quietly. When he was done listening to me read he pretty much let me know he was ready for bed.

It was a really fun night, he's a great kid and I need to see him more often.



Faith. Hope. Love.

I should be sleeping right now but I feel like I can't because I have so many things running through my mind. The word seasons has been coming up A LOT lately. Not so much the seasons like Fall, Winter or Spring but the seasons of life. P.Chris spoke tonight about how we need to accept the season we are in because it's exactly where God wants us. We can't be upset with other people for being in a season that we want to be in.

God's timing is perfect and I think we as individuals have a hard time accepting that everything is on His time, not ours. We tend to want to speed things up or slow things down or go back a year or two. Why? Why can't we be content in the time we're in and embrace it? He talked about how when we don't accept our season that we can become bitter or angry towards those who have already made it to where we want to be.

This season is a season of change for me, it already has been for the past months. God has radically changed me in more ways than I ever thought possible! He's healing my broken heart into something beautiful. I don't say that to sound like I'm bragging on me, but I'm bragging on Him! My life has changed because I've allowed Him to come in and restore me.

I continue to pray every single day that He fully restore me. I pray that through this season He has me in, that he keep showing me ways I can be better. I pray that He continue showing me the path that I need to be on. Being in His perfect will is where I want to be.

Accept the season your in with faith, hope and love.



I received a phone call from my mom a couple hours ago that I wasn't expecting. She called me letting me know that she had just left the Dr's office. She's been having "feminine" issues the past couple months that aren't exactly normal so she decided to get it checked out. The Dr. told her that what she is experiencing is not normal for a woman of her age. She ended up getting referred to see a specialist that would be able to determine what the problem is.

When I got her phone call she told me that the specialist is running test to see if she has Uterine Cancer. I'm pretty sure when I heard the word cancer is when I lost it. Cancer runs in my mother's family so I automatically thought the worst. She told me not to worry that it's probably nothing and that she has been feeling the best she has been in months.

How do you NOT worry when your mother calls you and says she's being tested for Cancer? I suppose this is where my faith comes in and I pray that she's going to be ok and I remind myself that we don't know for sure if something is wrong or not. This is just the process we have to go through to eliminate anything that it could possibly be.

I share this on here because if you read my blog then you care enough about me to read what's going on in my life. Please pray for her. I don't know that I can handle losing another parent. It sounds so morbid that I would even say that but after going through one I do NOT want to go through another. Not until God says she's ready to go home.

So for now...we sit...we wait...we pray.

<3 B.


Fan Friday

Gretchen, G, Mama G,
I chose you for so many reasons that I don't even know where to start. I want to be careful that when I choose words like "amazing" "loving" "caring" that they don't lose their meaning and that they don't get watered down because they get used so often. That said, you really are all of those things. Amazing, loving, caring, beautiful woman on the inside and out, fantastic mother and an all around beautiful human being.

Whenever I see you I instantly feel joy in my life. You've made such a huge impact on me and so many others. I can truly say that I feel you are like a surrogate mother to me. I know that If I ever need you that I can count on you. I know that if I need an ear or a shoulder to cry on that you will be there. It's odd because normally I'm that person for others so to be able to have that with you is truly a gift to me.

Please know that today and always that you are incredibly loved by me and anyone that comes into contact with you. Your spirit is so alive and pure that it really is an example to any Christian woman looking for a role model. Forgive me if my words sounds cheesy but it's coming straight from my heart. Thank you for being giving, understanding, loyal and most of all thank you for being you.

<3 to you.

It's Official!

It's official! On November 1st, 2009 I will be moving into my very first apartment by myself! Yes, folks that's me +0. This is a really huge step for me, I never thought I would be the kind of person that would be able to live on her own. I'm running through so many emotions, I'm happy, sad, excited, scared, thrilled, nervous, extatic etc. Most of those words mean the same thing but I figured i'd change up my lingo a bit.

I'm sad because i'll be ending a chapter in my life where I lived with some of the best people in my life. I know it's not goodbye but living with someone is completely different than just being friends with someone. It becomes something deeper than that, it becomes family in it's rawest form. Talk about knowing the ins and outs of your friends. I love these women deeply and I will definitely be missing them.

I'm happy! So happy! I'm proud of myself for how far I've gotten, with God's help of course. I never would have imagined that financially I would be responsible enough to pull off living outside of my family's home and let alone moving out to depend on myself 100%. To most, this may not seem like such a big deal but to me this is life change. I fully believe this is where I am going to grow the most and fully believe I am EXACTLY where God wants me to be at this very moment.

I'm nervous because I worry and I think crazy things like "What if someone breaks in?!" "What if a strange man is in the parking lot when I come home late?!" Luckily, Mikey B. said he would get me a baseball bat to keep handy and Tony said he would be one my body guards. Praise the Lord for knowing people in your apartment complex. I'm sure I'll be fine, I know I'm a tough girl.

All in all I'm antsy because I can't wait to see what this all brings. I have one more month in the "SheShack" and then it's off to my new pad. I need a name for it. It's "B205" (ironically the same # as my apt with Candice) so if you have any suggestions for anything I can name it, feel free to drop some knowledge on me. I'm looking forward to sleepovers, dinners, game nights and new memories.

Also, if you're reading this I will probably need help moving (boxes would also be appreciated). So if you want some FREE food, be ready to help me on November 1st. It's a Sunday so no excuses ;) Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of me and the decisions I've been making. Your support means the world to me!

<3 B.