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Megan "MJ" Jordan

Dearest MJ,

When I think "Life Change" I think MJ. You have changed SO much in the past few months that it's remarkable. Your heart for God is so big that I honestly feel we can all learn something from you. I still remember the first time that I gave you a ride home, I remember thinking "this girl probably thinks I'm boring!" haha. I say that because you're such a unique individual that your personality spills out of you. I feel honored that you've given me a place in your life. A place where I can be encouraging, honest, open and able to lend an ear.

I'm always blown away when I have conversations with you because there is so much wisdom that comes with your words. You are wise beyond your years and I know that comes with the things that you've been through. You've become a stronger person than I think you realize. You have so much to offer and I can't tell how happy it makes me that you and I work side by side. Get ready for amazing things to happen in your life. Keep focused on Him and you can't go wrong.

Love you girl!

Brenda AKA Medina



The other night before I went to bed I felt like I had a break through. I have a hard time with intimacy with God sometimes because I never had the earthly father that was affectionate or outwardly loving. I didn't get told on a daily basis that I was loved even though I knew I was. He wasn't exactly the nicest man in the world but he was a great provider and he did his best. I think because I never experienced that close relationship with my dad that it blocks me from fully letting myself be embraced by God.

Moving on...

Ever have a dream that you wake up from and think that it actually happened? Or at least you wish that it actually happened? Last night I prayed before bed and asked God to show me something in my dream that would give me peace. I went to bed feeling a bit restless. I asked Him to speak to me in the dream because to me it's where I think He gets me the most.

All I really remember from the dream is that I was in a house somewhere with a lot of people. I believe the people in the house were my family but the ones I remember the most being there are my mom and dad. In the dream I was saying goodbye and giving hugs and kisses and what not. I passed up my dad in the process of saying goodbye, sounds cold I know but if it was reality I would have never hugged or kissed him goodbye. We didn't have the type of relationship where I would feel comortable doing that.

As I was walking past him he said something like "hey what about me!?" in the dream I remember being confused as to why he cared. I went back and he asked me for a hug, he fully took me in his arms and just held me and told me he loved me. I immediately started crying, not because I was sad but because it was something I had never experienced. I don't know if that was God's way of showing me intimacy or if it was just something I needed to see and feel but it was powerful. All it took was a hug and an "I love you".

God is everywhere...even in my dreams.


Counting my blessings...

I've been realizing a lot of things lately but one of the major things I've been recognizing is that I haven't been spending very much time with God. I talk to Him everyday and a lot of times during the day but it feels like when things are good I don't spend as much time with Him. I really don't think that's ok. Don't get me wrong I praise Him and thank Him everyday for the things that I have been blessed with. I also have been thanking Him for prayers that He hasn't answered. Because I know that He knows what's best for me.

It's just really been weighing on me that I haven't been spending much time with Him. I've been spending more time doing things for Him then with Him. I know He doesn't need me to do things for Him, I need to remember that. I've been realizing more and more that I'm one of those people that pull closer to Him when things are going wrong or when I'm sad or when I just feel lonely. I don't necessarily think that's wrong either but I know I should be doing that when things are going well also.

Life has been pretty good to me the past couple months. I just finished taking my last two finals that will wrap up my two year internship with The South Hills Catalyst Program (assuming I passed of course). I graduate on August 29th, feel free to come out and celebrate with me! I am involved in a ministry that I have been waiting a very long time to be a part of. We're changing lives on a daily basis and we're just at the beginning.

Counseling for teens is where my heart is and where I feel God has been leading me for a long time. It's been confirmed time and time again that this is where I should be. Starting next week I will be starting counseling sessions with students who need a listening ear. I will be teaming up with Dan Martin (amazing and gifted man) he will be my mentor as far as the counseling goes. He will be my immediate resource and support. I really never thought that at the end of Catalyst I would be doing EXACTLY what I want to be doing.

God has been blessing me left and right. When I say blessings I don't just mean the "big" things I mean everything. The roof over my head, the gas in my car, the friends and family in my life, the air in my lungs, my support system... everything.


Fan Friday (A day late)

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Today's lucky Fan Friday winner: KEELY!

Yes my dear, it's YOU! I chose you for a few reasons. 1. You're my #1 reader. 2. You're awesome. 3. You deserve it!
I've had the pleasure of getting to know over the past couple years and I've been able to see such growth and maturity through you. I know life has dealt you some pretty interesting cards but I find it amazing that you're able to continue on with every day. Thank you for letting me be the ear that listens when you need it. I think you have really great potential to be whatever you want to be. I encourage you to continue seeking after God and what He wants for you.

I want you to remember that you are a beautiful woman of God and that to Him you are perfect. Remember that any time you feel like you're not as great as you think you are. I also encourage to continue on with your music. If you feel God's calling you to worship then don't feel like you're not good enough, you are! I really think you need to keep stepping out of your comfort zone the way you have been, you will definitely be blessed in the process. Lastly, remember that I'm always here for you. Good or bad.