Fan Friday

Todays "Fan Friday" lucky winner goes to....

Esmeralda Camacho-Kretzu

I say Camacho-Kretzu because I still see the Camacho in her.


I chose you for a few reasons so I'll start at the top. I give you credit for marrying Chris, I know it's not easy (love you Kretzu) haha jk. In all seriousness, you give a really great example of a supporting wife, loving friend and amazing servant. I've seen you grow so much from the time I first met you. Back in the day when to me, you were Myra's "older sister" and now your Es "family".

Thanks for always having such a positive attitude even when things don't always go to plan. Thanks for having the competitve gene and always wanting to play games! Thank you for all of the inside jokes that I can now laugh at and feel special. Thank you for screaming at movies with me when they're scary even though we get yelled at by the boys. Thank you for lending an ear when I need it. Thank you for being my #1 reader :)

Most of all, thank you for being you. I appreciate you more than you know. I look forward to all of the amazing things that are coming your way. This is just the beginning of a great adventure for you and Chris. <3 you!



Wanna Get Away?

I oddly feel like running away today. Away from paperwork, schedules, rosters, meetings, services ALL of it. My heart is unsettled today and I'm not 100% sure why. Some pretty big decisions are coming my way and as much as they excite me, they also scare me. Change is good... gotta keep reminding myself of that.

I have to keep reminding myself that everything happeneds for a reason and If I'm lucky enough I'll get to see the fruit from those situations or decisions. The next few months are going to be life changing...I know it. I'm ready for it! Come oooon August! Get here already.



Fan Friday

Last week I started "Fan Friday" where I select someone that I want to just lift up and encourage. Today I chose...drum roll please....CANDICE :)


We've been through nine years together! Nine years of going through friends, boyfriends, break ups, losing loved ones, gaining new ones and becoming best friends and roommates. You're the longest lasting friend I have ever had and the one that I know will be around until the day we're done here. I chose you because I look back at us in High School and I look at us now and we aren't even 1/4 of what we used to be. You've really shown that you aren't the same person. You've turned your life completely around and really began to seek God for who HE is not for what people tell you he is. I love when you have questions because it really shows that you care and want to grow. I encourage you to continue seeking Him, He loves that.

I wanted to say thanks to you also, for also proving that you will always be there for me regardless of how ridiculous I can be or how severe the situation is. Thank you for being so supportive when it came to me choosing ministry school and helping with fundraisers on Friday nights when you could have been somewhere else. You have A LOT ahead of you. God has placed some pretty amazing talents in you. Go after what you want and what He wants for you! I continue to be surprised at how creative you can be. I can't wait till I see your videos or movies on the big screen. Don't lose sight of what makes you happy. And don't forget about me when you become famous. We have our whole lives ahead of us... I can't wait to be in eachother weddings or start having babies at the same time haha.

Love you Dizzle.



Musical Shuffle

I've been hit! Tagged that is. I was tagged in a blog by my friend Chris, you can find him @ kretzu.com Here's what you do...

Music Shuffle

Once you’ve been tagged… (1) Turn on your MP3 player or I guess your music player on your computer if you don’t have an MP3 player. (2) Go to SHUFFLE songs mode. (3) Write down the first 25 songs that come up–song title and artist–NO editing/cheating, please. (4) Choose 5 people to be tagged.

1. Si Una Vez- Selena
2. T @!#$% skit- Ludacris
3. Somewhere Only we know- Keane
4. So, In This Hour- The Rocket Summer
5. I’m Lost Without You- Blink 182
6. Fat Bottomed Girls- Queen
7. Hear You Me- Jimmy Eat World
8. Stop This Train- John Mayer
9. Fly Away- Black Eyed Peas
10. Teardrops on my guitar- Taylor Swift
11. If I Fall- Aqualung
12. Cocaine Blue- Joaquin Phoenix
13. Shakira- Ojos Asi
14. I Wish- Jo Dee Macina
15. Crying In the Chapel- Elvis
16. Let It Happen- Jimmy Eat World
17. Must Be Dreaming- Frou Frou
18. Life In Technicolor-Coldplay
19. Dark Come Soon- Tegan and Sara
20. Like That- Black Eyed Peas
21. Touchdown Turnaround- Hellogoodbye
22. Geek In the Pink-Jason Mraz
23. We Never Change-Coldplay
24. Move On-JET
25. That’ll Be the day- Buddy Holly

Wow… Talk about Variety! I apologize for any song selection that may have offended you. I need to update this thang! Yes, I said “thang”

I tag: Nicole, Jolene, Mike, Gretchen and Es. Es, you need a blog! Chris can't be the only posting stuff all the time ;)


I died.

Not literally...

Yesterday we were asked to attend a leadership meeting hosted by P.Chris. We weren't told anything that was going to be going on this meeting, we were just told to show up. When we got there we were told to pray for a couple minutes and to just prepare our hearts to experience and to be open.

As we walked into the building it was dark, with tea lights on the ground lighting our pathway. We could hear helicopters, explosions and gunshots through the speakers. As we got closer we saw different displays. Some of them were comments from real people who cut, hate themselves, want to die or some who just don't believe in God.

As we walked around at all the different displays of statistics and reading about teen pregnancy or teen depression I just couldn't help but cry. These topics physically hurt me because every week I have girls come to me asking me to pray for them because they are cutting or because they feel ugly. It's real life that isn't just read in magazines or seen in movies. I feel like I am living these experiences with these girls because I'm close to them.

After walking around to the different displays we were asked to watch a clip of "Saving Private Ryan". I had never seen that movie but from the 20 minutes that I saw of it I couldn't keep a dry eye. The clip was showing people dying everywhere in this battlefield. We live in that battlefield everyday. The battle between good and evil, between God and Satan. There are hundreds upon thousands of kids that are out there in that battle zone and we have the ammo to save them. Are we using our ammo? Or hoarding it to ourselves?

I title this "I died" because we were asked to die to ourselves yesterday. To put our selfishness aside and to give life to someone else. To go out there and "Chase the One". I say all of this to say that I had already been feeling that tug on my heart to really evaluate where I'm spending my time and who I'm spending it with. To really give life to someone else and to pour into others.

Yesterday: I died to myself and I am going to continue chasing after the ONE, are you?


Fan Friday

So a few of my friends have started weekly blogging like "Follow Friday" or "Thrifty Thursday". Well I want to start "Fan Friday" where I pick a certain person to encourage and to just shout out to the world how great I think they are because I'm a big fan. This will be my first entry with this new nifty title. In all honesty the reason I thought of this was because there is a particular friend that I wanted to write about already. So she was the inspiration to this blogging. I want to start with none other than Nicole.

I chose you because over the past couple years and more so past few months you have really shown me what it means to be there for someone. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. I know that whatever I am going through you will be there, as you have proven that time and time again. I admire you for your strength. I don't know how one person can take so much, but clearly you can. I know that through these awkward seasons God shows us how much he loves us. I think with everything going on that God has some pretty amazing things coming up for you. I know that he knows you can handle ANYTHING. I'm excited to see what develops the rest of the year. Never underestimate your God given gift. You have so much talent and beauty that I feel needs to be shared with the world. Philadelphia? NYC? Ohio? Wherever you go I support you and will most definitely come visit you! I am looking forward to exploring the possibilities of your future in August :)

So Nicole... thank you for being you.