Date Night

The night started out with going to The Ceramic Cupboard out in Norco. This place was pretty cool. Just like Norco it had it's own country feel to it. We had a really fun relaxing time painting our mugs.

About to start:

B's End Result: "Strawberry Swing"

Jesse's End Result: "I Heart Chris Martin" I didn't know this until he was done but he made the mug for me :)

After the Cupboard we headed out to "Citrus City Grill" This place was really nice. I actually felt a little bit out of place, I think that's one of the first times that's happened to me at a restaurant. I think it had to do with our snooty server. The food was great but the service was just ok.

We ended up walking that tunnel at Dos Lagos where Jesse took a wasp sting for me. Literally. He had his arm around me and out nowhere he said "OW!" then realized that there was a wasp on my hair! What the random?! All I know is that he saved my life because I'm allergic to wasps. Not really, but it was a nice gesture :)

End result to the whole night: Fun, different, relaxing and memorable. Just what we needed.


Someone's Listening/Reading

So last week I talked about how Sundays were really starting to turn into a mixed emotions type of day. Well, today (Sunday) I guess technically it would be yesterday since today is really Monday (12:15 am) whatever. Anyway, this Sunday was pretty fantastic. Probably one of the best ones I've had in a really a long time.

My morning view:

I started out with speaking at South Campus, which is my original home. While I was there today I didn't have that feeling of "I really wish I was still at this campus". Don't get me wrong, I love that campus and all the people who make it happen. But, I feel like I have a new home now. In a way it's a relief for me because for the first couple months of me switching to Main St. I was having a pretty tough time. I felt like I didn't really "fit in" even though I knew all the people there it was just different. Now I can thankfully say that I feel like I fit in. The kids finally warmed up to me and now they look forward to seeing me (or so I think) haha. I guess It's just a confirmation that time really will work things out. In my case it did.

Anywho, so the day continued on with having lunch with Jesse and his parents, Suzanne and Kevin at Chili's. After that it was back to the She-Shack for some studying. I have a final today (Monday) that I should be studying for but instead I'm on here blogging. Go figure. Then it was time for Furnace. Furnace was awesome, the worship was amazing and moving. Chris, if you're reading this I think you did a really great job tonight. I didn't get a chance to tell you that earlier. If you weren't there go listen to this weeks message @ thefurnaceonline.org

After Furnace a bunch of us took a walk down to Starbucks just to hang out, get some coffee and talk. There was about 15 of us and we ended up playing Mafia outside Starbucks. It was a blast, Jesse and I were both the Mafia first game up, that fool totally turned on me and voted me out (I'll get you back someday) No pretend Mafia in the Cuban family. What are the odds of that anyway? I suppose 2 in 15. After playing the game for a while we called it a night and made our walk back up to the church. It really was a great night for walking, the skies were pretty clear making the stars and the moon visible. Being out under the sky really made me want to go camping. That will be next on my list of things to do soon, maybe January sometime.

Thank you Sunday for not letting me down today.


Christmas In November

Guess who's going to see their favorite band on November 26th in Arizona?! Jesse surprised me with two tickets as my Christmas present. I seriously think I'm in shock!

By far the best surprise EVER!

Eastvale Hang Out

Last night Jesse and I went out to Eleanor Roosevelt High School for a varsity football game. It was Eleanor Roosevelt against Corona. The panthers got trampled by the mustangs to say the least!

I felt like I was back in High School sitting up in the bleachers with all the little teeny boppers around us making out (awkward). The younger girls who's parents went to the game kept whispering to eachother about how gross it was. If only they thought it was gross until they got married, haha!

The game ended up being a lot of fun. We had some pizza, some funnel cake and a lot of laughs with the kids and parents. Eastvale is a pretty cool campus after all ;)

Leave it to Jesse to ignore the football game and play with the kids the whole time. Who could blame him? They were a blast!

I can't tell you how many times I was asked "What inning is this?" Wrong sport baby.


Baby's 1st B day

Today is Luca's b day. The family got together and had dinner, followed by Luca opening presents and getting into some birthday cake. The b day cake didn't go too well but he absolutely LOVED his toys. He more so loved the paper and boxes than the actual toys, go figure.

This is Luca with his new pony toy from his Uncle Carlos and Aunt Laura. The little girl on the horse is his cousin, he is battling her for his seat.

Pretty funny how he tackled her to the floor.

Aaaaand the excitement over tissue paper:

All in all it was a really fun night with the family all together celebrating the little guy's b day. He's come a long way from those 3 lbs he weighed when he was born.


Customer Service

I started my day at 730 am. After a very long day I ended my "work day" at 4 pm. Every year Kaiser has this customer service training seminar on how we can make our service to our members better than what we are doing.

When we first arrived we were given a card to pin to our clothing. The card is a 2 of Clubs. It was part of this exercise that we were supposed to be apart of.

On the back of the card it said this:

Ya, so I couldn't talk to ANYONE unless someone talked to me. Soooo I pretty much didn't get to talk too much at the beginning or the night. So for me, that was difficult. Seeing as though I'm constantly talking. Not to mention, everyone thought I was being rude because I wasn't talking to anyone. The whole point was to remind us that sometimes we don't always know what's going on with a patient and we need not assume. Always approach someone. I think this could be a valuable lesson for our ministries as well. Sucks being the person that doesn't get talked to and gets labeled right away. Just a thought.



Sunday: It's a love/hate relationship

Dear Sunday,

I'm beginning to realize that you and I have a love hate relationship. You are my first day off in the week but you are really not a day off at all. I wake up to you at 8 in the morning to get ready for the mornings church service. Therefor I cannot sleep in at all. After service I more often than not go and have lunch with my friends and sometimes family, which is one of my favorite times of the week. It's when I get to catch up with people I haven't been able to talk to much during the week and be able to just spend time with each other. Later on I end up maybe doing some laundry or some homework in between lunch and Furnace. Maybe get a little tv time in, try to relax.

I realize that after service all anyone ever really wants to do is go home and go to bed. Why? Because everyone has work on Monday. So I end up wanting to do something after and possibly stay up a little later than I normally would seeing as though it is technically my Saturday. So it's odd but I'm left with such an empty feeling on Sunday nights. Like the entire day just toyed with me. It was filled with tons of people during the day to no one at night. I don't know if that makes any sense to anyone, I most the time don't make sense. I guess I'm trying to figure out if I'm the only one who feels that way.

And Monday, don't even get me started on you. You're another day off for me that's filled with homework, chores and running errands.


This is me babysitting the little guy yesterday for a couple hours. He made my job pretty easy. We played with toys for about an hour and then he ended up falling asleep on me for over an hour till his mommies came home.

He turns 1 this week. Where does the time go? I'm not just saying this because he's my nephew but, he really is an awesome kid. Really makes me realize that I need to spend more time with him. I suppose babysitting is a good start, it gives us one on one time.


Sweet Victory

Last night Jesse and I played "Jumbling Towers" AKA Jenga. This was round 1, sweet sweet victory. Brenda-1 Jesse-0 I tried recording victory number 2 but I wasn't "allowed" to.

Last night was awesome, to say the least. We went to "Table For Two" out in downtown Riverside for some Thai cuisine. It was fantastic! I highly reccomend it for anyone who likes Thai food.

We ended up having dinner then cruising The Riverside Plaza listening to Estelle and Kanye. I think Jesse is black deep down inside. I'm not racist I promise. They had a Halloween costume contest of some sort so there was plenty of funny costumes to look at. The night was ended with some imitation Eskimo Pies, Rainbow Sherbert, Jumbling Towers and who could forget...Star Wars.

All in all I think this was probably one of my favorite Halloween nights in a looooong time. Who else did I need but my steady?