Birthday Madness

Yesterday was my mamas b-day. She turned 49 I believe. I think birthdays are starting to get a little easier for her since my dad hasn't been here for them. We had dinner at my mom/sisters house last night for her. I surprised her with some flowers and birthday cake and Mercy surprised her with a nice dinner.

I had a really good time last night with them. It felt like old times when I used to live there. I got to spend time with Luca so that was fun. He smiled when he saw me :) I was trying to feed him but he wasn't having it. Mercy says he's a high maintenance child and she hopes I never have one like that haha! They were telling me how he cackles, after some time trying to make him crack up, I sneezed and he busted up laughing! This kid... out of everything that could make him laugh, he laughed at my sneezing lol. Whatever works I guess.

To say the least it was a great night. Till next time...


Luca on Myspace...

My sister sent me this picture of my nephew "cruising" Myspace. She told me that he actually got fussy when they started taking him away from the computer! Haha! This kid is gonna be trouble...



Last night...

So yesterday I got an email telling me that there was a family from church who was being evicted from their home and needed to be out by noon the next day, which is now today. The email was asking if anyone would be able come out and help them move from the old house to their new house. This family was moving everything all on their own, and on top of that the mom is pregnant and due in July. When I first heard about it I immediatly thought back to when I was in the same exact situation just two years ago. After my dad passed away we couldn't afford our mortgage so those three months of not paying creeped up pretty fast and we ended up in repo of the house. Long story short, me, my sister, sister in law and mom moved our two story house in a week. So as soon as I heard the situation my heart immediately went out to them. It's definately not easy, and no one should go through that alone. Our small group met last night and we all decided as a group that we would go down there and help them in whatever we could.

Two of the people that were in group last night were there for the first time. One girl hadn't been to church since she was 12, the other said he just doesn't really go that often because of work. Well so anyway, my group ended up going out there and helping this family move till about 1:30 AM. And when we left they still weren't done. Some really good things came out of last night, the girl who hasn't been to church since she was 12 decided last night that she is going to tell her boss not to schedule her on Sundays anymore so she can start going to church... AMAZING. The family we helped I believe truly saw the love of God in it's purest form. From what I heard last night, the Dad in the family had somewhat given up on church, I think after last night I heard him talking about going back. It's seriously what its all about. I don't think that family expected anyone to come and help them, let alone strangers that they just met that night.

Gods love and grace is everywhere, even in the crappiest of situations. I always remind myself of that.




So I'm at home right now, yes... HOME. Which means we got internet! YAY! Haha, I was just telling Candice that the simplest things make us happy. Like how we have internet and cable. What else do we need?

So just a quick update, first year of Catalyst is over! Un-freaking-believable! One whole year! And here I thought I wasn't going to last a month! Maybe now I'll get a little time to breath.

So tomorrow is me and the girls 2 week anniversary. Haha. So far it's been a party everyday. Candice and I were saying how we want to live together forever because we're having too much fun. Then we said that if we were to get married we would just have our husbands move in because we aren't going anywhere. This house is way too comfortable.

That's about all I have for now... I'm a little sick right now so I'm a little out of it. Good night kids.



Lunch Break

So this is what I did on my lunch yesterday... I went home, had lunch with my feet in the pool and then I was able to take a power nap before going back to work. Only problem with living so close to work is that you never want to go back to work, who would?

Last night we had a "Golden Girls" family photoshoot... I just want to say that I LOVE having a pro photographer living in our house. The pictures look absolutely amazing. We have some shots where we're jumping off the couch and flying like Superman. Pretty sure we look petrified in each "flying" shot. It was a blast to say the least. Almost three hours and 100's of pictures later we got ourselves a family portrait. I broke away from taking pictures to get some papers done for school but who was I kidding? I got one paper done out of four and went right back to the shoot. I don't think I'll ever get any real work done in that house, which isn't really a bad thing... I'm making memories that will last me a lifetime. Haha.



Well it's here...

May. Yup, it's here. So move in day was on Wednesday. Between me, my mom, candice, tones, matt and FLA we got everything out of the apt. Thanks God! Our first night sleeping in the new place was glorious, for me anyway. Jo Jo said she couldn't sleep because she was way too excited haha. The girls and I stayed up till 1 am that day just talking about boys, life, boys etc. It's gonna be a great summer, I can feel it. We had our first official "tv night" last night, that was a lot of fun. It's nice to have cable again, internet should be on it's way shortly.

Did I mention how Jolenes mom hooked us up with free food? Dude, she hooked us up with free food. She said if we want we could have that all the time, ummm.... yes please. Really though, I thank God for letting it all come together the way it did, couldn't have asked for a better house, couldn't have asked for better roomates. Good times are sure to come, I will be documenting them as they happen.

On other news, I have ONE week left of classes/finals. I have FIVE finals next week. Three on Monday and two on Thursday. Frrriiiccck. I cannot wait to get through the next week. It'll definately help as far being overwhelmed goes. So I'll be spending my entire Sunday and Monday finishing papers that were "lost" after I turned them in. Anywho, it's all I've got for today.