Date Night

The night started out with going to The Ceramic Cupboard out in Norco. This place was pretty cool. Just like Norco it had it's own country feel to it. We had a really fun relaxing time painting our mugs.

About to start:

B's End Result: "Strawberry Swing"

Jesse's End Result: "I Heart Chris Martin" I didn't know this until he was done but he made the mug for me :)

After the Cupboard we headed out to "Citrus City Grill" This place was really nice. I actually felt a little bit out of place, I think that's one of the first times that's happened to me at a restaurant. I think it had to do with our snooty server. The food was great but the service was just ok.

We ended up walking that tunnel at Dos Lagos where Jesse took a wasp sting for me. Literally. He had his arm around me and out nowhere he said "OW!" then realized that there was a wasp on my hair! What the random?! All I know is that he saved my life because I'm allergic to wasps. Not really, but it was a nice gesture :)

End result to the whole night: Fun, different, relaxing and memorable. Just what we needed.


Someone's Listening/Reading

So last week I talked about how Sundays were really starting to turn into a mixed emotions type of day. Well, today (Sunday) I guess technically it would be yesterday since today is really Monday (12:15 am) whatever. Anyway, this Sunday was pretty fantastic. Probably one of the best ones I've had in a really a long time.

My morning view:

I started out with speaking at South Campus, which is my original home. While I was there today I didn't have that feeling of "I really wish I was still at this campus". Don't get me wrong, I love that campus and all the people who make it happen. But, I feel like I have a new home now. In a way it's a relief for me because for the first couple months of me switching to Main St. I was having a pretty tough time. I felt like I didn't really "fit in" even though I knew all the people there it was just different. Now I can thankfully say that I feel like I fit in. The kids finally warmed up to me and now they look forward to seeing me (or so I think) haha. I guess It's just a confirmation that time really will work things out. In my case it did.

Anywho, so the day continued on with having lunch with Jesse and his parents, Suzanne and Kevin at Chili's. After that it was back to the She-Shack for some studying. I have a final today (Monday) that I should be studying for but instead I'm on here blogging. Go figure. Then it was time for Furnace. Furnace was awesome, the worship was amazing and moving. Chris, if you're reading this I think you did a really great job tonight. I didn't get a chance to tell you that earlier. If you weren't there go listen to this weeks message @ thefurnaceonline.org

After Furnace a bunch of us took a walk down to Starbucks just to hang out, get some coffee and talk. There was about 15 of us and we ended up playing Mafia outside Starbucks. It was a blast, Jesse and I were both the Mafia first game up, that fool totally turned on me and voted me out (I'll get you back someday) No pretend Mafia in the Cuban family. What are the odds of that anyway? I suppose 2 in 15. After playing the game for a while we called it a night and made our walk back up to the church. It really was a great night for walking, the skies were pretty clear making the stars and the moon visible. Being out under the sky really made me want to go camping. That will be next on my list of things to do soon, maybe January sometime.

Thank you Sunday for not letting me down today.


Christmas In November

Guess who's going to see their favorite band on November 26th in Arizona?! Jesse surprised me with two tickets as my Christmas present. I seriously think I'm in shock!

By far the best surprise EVER!

Eastvale Hang Out

Last night Jesse and I went out to Eleanor Roosevelt High School for a varsity football game. It was Eleanor Roosevelt against Corona. The panthers got trampled by the mustangs to say the least!

I felt like I was back in High School sitting up in the bleachers with all the little teeny boppers around us making out (awkward). The younger girls who's parents went to the game kept whispering to eachother about how gross it was. If only they thought it was gross until they got married, haha!

The game ended up being a lot of fun. We had some pizza, some funnel cake and a lot of laughs with the kids and parents. Eastvale is a pretty cool campus after all ;)

Leave it to Jesse to ignore the football game and play with the kids the whole time. Who could blame him? They were a blast!

I can't tell you how many times I was asked "What inning is this?" Wrong sport baby.


Baby's 1st B day

Today is Luca's b day. The family got together and had dinner, followed by Luca opening presents and getting into some birthday cake. The b day cake didn't go too well but he absolutely LOVED his toys. He more so loved the paper and boxes than the actual toys, go figure.

This is Luca with his new pony toy from his Uncle Carlos and Aunt Laura. The little girl on the horse is his cousin, he is battling her for his seat.

Pretty funny how he tackled her to the floor.

Aaaaand the excitement over tissue paper:

All in all it was a really fun night with the family all together celebrating the little guy's b day. He's come a long way from those 3 lbs he weighed when he was born.


Customer Service

I started my day at 730 am. After a very long day I ended my "work day" at 4 pm. Every year Kaiser has this customer service training seminar on how we can make our service to our members better than what we are doing.

When we first arrived we were given a card to pin to our clothing. The card is a 2 of Clubs. It was part of this exercise that we were supposed to be apart of.

On the back of the card it said this:

Ya, so I couldn't talk to ANYONE unless someone talked to me. Soooo I pretty much didn't get to talk too much at the beginning or the night. So for me, that was difficult. Seeing as though I'm constantly talking. Not to mention, everyone thought I was being rude because I wasn't talking to anyone. The whole point was to remind us that sometimes we don't always know what's going on with a patient and we need not assume. Always approach someone. I think this could be a valuable lesson for our ministries as well. Sucks being the person that doesn't get talked to and gets labeled right away. Just a thought.



Sunday: It's a love/hate relationship

Dear Sunday,

I'm beginning to realize that you and I have a love hate relationship. You are my first day off in the week but you are really not a day off at all. I wake up to you at 8 in the morning to get ready for the mornings church service. Therefor I cannot sleep in at all. After service I more often than not go and have lunch with my friends and sometimes family, which is one of my favorite times of the week. It's when I get to catch up with people I haven't been able to talk to much during the week and be able to just spend time with each other. Later on I end up maybe doing some laundry or some homework in between lunch and Furnace. Maybe get a little tv time in, try to relax.

I realize that after service all anyone ever really wants to do is go home and go to bed. Why? Because everyone has work on Monday. So I end up wanting to do something after and possibly stay up a little later than I normally would seeing as though it is technically my Saturday. So it's odd but I'm left with such an empty feeling on Sunday nights. Like the entire day just toyed with me. It was filled with tons of people during the day to no one at night. I don't know if that makes any sense to anyone, I most the time don't make sense. I guess I'm trying to figure out if I'm the only one who feels that way.

And Monday, don't even get me started on you. You're another day off for me that's filled with homework, chores and running errands.


This is me babysitting the little guy yesterday for a couple hours. He made my job pretty easy. We played with toys for about an hour and then he ended up falling asleep on me for over an hour till his mommies came home.

He turns 1 this week. Where does the time go? I'm not just saying this because he's my nephew but, he really is an awesome kid. Really makes me realize that I need to spend more time with him. I suppose babysitting is a good start, it gives us one on one time.


Sweet Victory

Last night Jesse and I played "Jumbling Towers" AKA Jenga. This was round 1, sweet sweet victory. Brenda-1 Jesse-0 I tried recording victory number 2 but I wasn't "allowed" to.

Last night was awesome, to say the least. We went to "Table For Two" out in downtown Riverside for some Thai cuisine. It was fantastic! I highly reccomend it for anyone who likes Thai food.

We ended up having dinner then cruising The Riverside Plaza listening to Estelle and Kanye. I think Jesse is black deep down inside. I'm not racist I promise. They had a Halloween costume contest of some sort so there was plenty of funny costumes to look at. The night was ended with some imitation Eskimo Pies, Rainbow Sherbert, Jumbling Towers and who could forget...Star Wars.

All in all I think this was probably one of my favorite Halloween nights in a looooong time. Who else did I need but my steady?


Skid Row Outreach

Yesterday the Catalyst team was to go out to the Dream Center out in Los Angeles for an outreach. We were told to meet up at the church between 3:45-4 ish. We got the "party bus" from Pastor Devland that was supposedly fixed with no problems. We started heading out to L.A. going no more than about 45 MPH on the freeway when Jason said that we were gonna have to figure something out because the bus wasn't making it to L.A. We ended up in Chino where Mary made a quick call to Enterprise, she scored us a truck and a mini van.

We were supposed to make it to the Dream Center by 6. At this point it was about 5:40 and we were still in Chino. So we're finally on our way. We hit some traffic but nothing too bad. We finally get into L.A. at about 7ish and Jason (Catalyst Director) decides to just head to Skid Row on our own and see if we can find the people from the Dream Center and jump in. We must have circled Skid Row about 10 times. If you know me at all you know that I'm a bit of a paranoid person, I use paranoid loosely. So driving through L.A. at night surrounded by homeless people was definately out of my comfort zone. I don't think I was 1/2 as scared in Africa as I was last night.

So, after circling the blocks for what seemed like hours we stumbled accross this outreach ministry right in the heart of Skid Row. You really couldn't tell what it was from the outside, it literally looked like a parking lot. Jason started talking to the guys from there and found out that they were about to pass out dinner and clothes to the homeless. How amazing is God that he perfectly planned for us to be there right in that moment. We literally drove by that place about 3 times before we stopped and asked. Turned out that we showed up 5 minutes before it was serving time.

A couple of us passed out food, some of us helped people pass out clothes and look for shoes. Some of just talked to the people and prayed for anyone that needed it. Some of us went out onto the streets and passed out water and made conversations. I think I was in shock at how many people were out there. Everywhere you turn there was someone. I didn't take this picture but I wanted to give you a visual of how this is good living out in Skid Row.

Some of the people out here get to sleep in tents, others sleep out on the ground with whatever cardboard or blankets they have.

I thought going to Africa hit me hard, last night was just as eye opening. It just confirms to me that we don't need to go all the way across the world to minister to people. These people are right in our backyard. The church that we worked with was absolutely amazing. They showed some much love to everyone. Just as we all should. They go out there every 3rd Friday of the month with clothes. We plan on going back.

No trip to L.A. is complete without a trip to Roscoes Chicken and Waffles. We all went for some late night chicken and waffles. I'm pretty sure a few of us are hurtin' this morning. I know Alicia was about to throw up at the table after her meal. Jason was in heaven, kept yelling "Good Lord!" We had a few first timers that were lovin' it as well. Roscoes always sounds like a great idea until you eat about 1/2 your waffle and think that maybe it wasn't such a great idea.

On our way home we dropped off the rental cars back at Enterprise and prayed that the "party bus" would get us back to Corona safely. It turned out the bus was perfectly fine, we got up to more than 45 MPH. All was good until we got into Corona. We were on our way to get gas about 3 min from the church and the bus decided to go bad again. We weren't going more than 25-30 MPH. We decided forget the gas and go straight to church (if we can make it!) By the grace of God we made it into the church parking lot safely. I'm still in amazement at how God worked that out for us. We were late for a reason, the bus didn't work for a reason, we circled around the same outreach for a reason. It ALL happens for a reason.

Final thought: Get out there and do something. Myself included.



Furnace RE:Launch

web flier BIG

Seriously, you do NOT want to miss out! I'm super excited about it, BE THERE!



Been a while...

I'm sitting at my desk at work... BORED. And not because I don't have anything to do but I just have this blah feeling today. I don't know if it's because I can think of a million and one things I can be doing instead of being here or the fact that I would just love to crawl back into bed and go to sleep. Regardless of the reason, I would like to snap out of it asap.

Phone call... hold please.

Aaaaand we're back.

Do you ever just sit and daydream? And get completely distracted? Well I do. I literally feel like I daydream all day every day. I'm wondering if that's even healthy? I work with therapist so I'll probably ask one of them. Lately I've been daydreaming about a few key things. My birthday is coming up and I've been told I have a couple surprises coming up. I absolutely LOVE surprises... BUT... they drive me crazy at the same time because I drive myself nuts trying to figure out what it could possibly be. I am an over analyzer for those who do not know me. So being told three months in advance that I have a surprise coming may be the death of me. Haha maybe not, but it'll be a close one.

I've been thinking a lot about my future and who or what is going to be in it. I think about school and I think "I wonder what's gonna happen when I'm done". I have absolutely no idea. It's exciting in a way because I have so much ahead of me that's just waiting to be discovered. I think about my job a lot too and I wonder if I am going to be processing paperwork forever just to pay the bills and do ministry on the side. And then I wonder... "is that ok?" Is it ok that my job takes up 70% of my time and then ministry gets the leftovers from when I'm not with family or friends. I don't really know if that's the real percentage but it's pretty close. Ideally I would love to be in ministry full time, I think if that's what God has for me then he'll make it happen. I also know that ministry isn't just at church. It can be right here where I work, God knows there are people here that need him. So what's stopping me from ministering to them? Rejection? Possibly. Can I really let these people go to hell because I'm afraid they'll say "no thanks" when I invite them to church. I guess it's time to get over myself and do something about it. It sounds harsh but I don't think we can ignore the fact that if these people don't accept Christ then we know exactly what's going to happen to them.

I had my first class sessions for this semester last night and the this new teacher said something that just really hit me. He said something along the lines of "The world is filled with licensed pastors, the world doesn't need another pastor. The world needs people who love God and love people" and at first I thought, ok guy... we're in this class to become certified pastors. In a way it made sense... you can be certified and schooled but if you don't have a heart and passion for people then you're in the wrong business. I don't even know if that made any sense. If it did then good and if not then don't mind me.

I didn't intend on this blog going the way it did, but I'm glad it did.

Till next time...



Nothing short of a success...

Brenda Fest 08! was a success to say the least! The turn out was awesome, lots of people came out to support me on my mission to raise tuition money. It was good food, good people and good times :) Thank you to those of you who helped me put it together and thank you to those who contributed. I couldn't have done it without any of you!

I was able to raise enough money to go back to school! I am extremely excited to say the least. God is amazing, and always seems to work things out. I sometimes forget that I have to let him take over and trust he'll do what's best for me. Well this time I didn't, I heard loud and clear what I was asked to do and I did it. He completely honored my efforts and rewarded me in the most amazing way.

This year has already been nothing short of fantastic and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings. I know God has me in his hands and that gives me comfort.

Until next time...



Brenda Fest 08!

So out of the things I said I wanted lately, I've gotten just about all of them...

Tomorrow night we're having a going away bon fire for Mike, I'm really going to miss him. I just have to keep thinking that it's just an excuse for me to fly out to Philladelphia and go visit him.

I've been getting more sleep lately, I've been averaging a bed time of 11:30 to midnight which is pretty good for me. Also, I don't feel sick anymore :) My allergies are finally undercontrol. Two nasal sprays and one pill later!

Still no Chipotle but I'm working on it...

As far as money for school and a BBQ at the She-shack, I'm throwing a fundraising BBQ extraveganza! Yes friends, I'm going to cook my way into school! It's this Saturday at 7pm. Bring a minumum of $10 dollar donation and it gets you carne asada tacos, rice, beans, salsa and a drink. OH! cookies and brownies as well. We're going to have swimming and karaoke too! It'll be a blast. Tell you're friends! So far I've already had a few people say they can't make it but they would be happy to help me out :) People really do surprise me sometimes with how generous they can be.

Thank you to the people helping me put this whole thing together! Here's a little shout out!

Thank you:

My Mom

Can't wait to see you all there!



Things I want lately...

- Sleep

- To not feel sick anymore

- Chipotle

- More time with the bf (barf all you want)

- Money to roll in for school

- MAYBE a bike... haha. No, I won't give in!

- BBQ @ the She-Shack

- Friday night softball game

- Bon Fire

- More time. Period.

I'm sure there's more... but I won't be greedy ;)



On July 19th 2007 I posted a blog on talking about all these new things that had happened and were about to happen in my life and this is a response I got from Pastor Bob. I thought it was interesting because even though this response was given to me a year ago, I feel like it speaks to me as if it was written to me today...

most of us think of it as the stuff at the bottom of our pocket or in your case purse, that makes up the difference from exact amount to breaking another bill... but it is so much more.

It's cool when it does make the exact amount however when it doesn't something bigger has to break! Much like our lives, sometimes we have in abundance and we rely on what we have even if it's the stuff at the bottom, but what do we do when it takes more than that and something big has to break. We give it away more carefully! We don't just casually move on.

It should be the same with life! We ought to take stock of what we have and not be careless with anything!

Starting with love, don't be stingy with it. Why you REAP WHAT YOU SOW!
What you need out of life you sow so you can benifit from it later!
Change is powerful. Jesus is desparately trying to change us from the inside out til we look like Him!

Change has been given a bad rap. We've heard it said that it is painful, the truth is that's life,
life hurts at time change truly hurts when we've waited too long to move with what we know is right anyway!

Allow yourself the right to greive loss and accept the new knowing that With God in the very exact center of your life everything will be blessed. Not neccesarily easy!

Embrace change because the Bible says "there is nothing new under the sun!" So Ecc. 3:11-14 says " I have seen the burden God has laid on men. 11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end. 12 I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live. 13 That everyone may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all his toil—this is the gift of God. 14 I know that everything God does will endure forever; nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it. God does it so that men will revere him.

So REVERE God in thos and you will prosper!"

God Bless,
Pastor Bobby

I just found it interesting...


Alberto Damian Medina


A week ago today my grandfather passed away. He had been living in Florida these past two years so I haven't seen him since he left California two years ago this July. The last time I saw him was at the airport while I was saying good bye to him before boarding the plane. I remember him saying "It's not good bye, it's an I'll see you later" Little did I know that would be the last time I would see him.

The last time I spoke to him was on the 10th of this month. It took him a little while to figure out who I was, which is not like him at all. That's how I knew the situation was worse than what I was being told. Once he realized who I was he seemed happy to hear from me :) I asked him how he felt about me coming out to visit him and he said that he would love to see me. I am incredibly grateful that I got to talk to him one last time before him passing. I thank God for that moment that was given to me.

So tonight I fly out to Florida with my sister for the week. We'll be staying with my grandma while we are there. I think right now in this moment it hasn't hit me 100% that he's gone. I think the fact that he lived all the way across the globe made it an out of sight out of mind situation. I think once I get there It'll finally hit me that he's gone.

I think one of the worst things about the entire situation is that it forces me to remember when my dad passed away two years ago. Makes me relive everything that happened back then. I'm keeping strong and I'm reminding myself that God has a plan for everything and that this is a part of life. It's not always pleasent but it's reality. I do believe he is no longer sufferring, that brings me peace and comfort.


Mike asks...

Would you still be my friend if....

"The first time you saw me I looked like this?

I answered yes. Only because it's Mike.


Lifted High

In my life be lifted high

In our world be lifted high

In our love be lifted high

These words seem to really hit me whenever I hear them during worship. Last night was our youth "Lifes A Beach" night and this was played during worship. It gets me every single time. Something about these words shake me up. Yesterday was different though, it was experienced in an entirely different way. Maybe because we were at the beach in one of Gods most amazing creations, or maybe because of who it was shared with. I would say all of the above.



Locked Out

The front door in our house has a lock that stays locked even when you turn the knob to walk outside. So we have to be very careful to unlock the lock when we walk out just in case the door shuts and we get locked out. Wellll... Jolene was a victim today of our dreaded door lock. This is a picture of her stuck in the backyard waiting for me to come to her rescue.

Love you Jo


.Strawberry Swinging.

They were sitting
They were sitting
In the strawberry swing
Every moment was so precious

They were sitting
They were talking
In the strawberry swing
Everybody was for fighting
Wouldn't wanna waste a thing

Cold, cold water
Bring me round
Now my feet
Won't touch the ground
Cold, cold water
What ya say?
It's such
It's such a perfect day
It's such a perfect day

I remember
We were walking up
To strawberry swing
I can't wait 'til the morning
Wouldn't wanna change a thing

People leaving all the time
A perfectly straight line
Don't you wanna curve away
It's such
It's such a perfect day
It's such a perfect day

Now the sky could be blue
I don't mind
Without you
It's a waste of time

Could be blue
I don't mind
Without you
It's a waste of time

Could be blue
Could be grey
Without you
I'm just miles away

Could be blue
I don't mind
Without you
It's a waste of time


I constantly attach memories to songs, this one will be my favorite for a long time to come. I smile everytime I hear it.


Just when I thought...

Just when I thought I had it all figured out... God throws me a curveball. Not necessarily a bad one... just a curveball. The project that I had been working on for the past couple of months has been placed on hold for longer than expected. In a weird way I was relieved, I think because this way it gives me more time to execute it in the best way I know possible. You would think this speedbump wouldn't change a thing... but in reality it's shaking up another issue.

Second year of Catalyst is coming and I'm not sure that my name will be on the roster. Not because I don't want to be there but for financial reasons. I'm working on a plan to raise my tuition money so that I can come back and not take a year off like what was suggested to me. Unless, that's what I'm supposed to do. I think this may have been a wake up call that I need to listen more intently when God is speaking to me and figure out exactly what he wants me to do.

So what to do?

-Car Washes?

-Garage Sales?


Who knows... I may try it all.

Any thoughts feel free to throw them my way... Always appreciated.

Almost clock out time! T-minus 17 minutes...



Delivery For Brenda Medina

I walk into my office today and it smells absolutely fantastic! It smells like Stargazer Lilys that were delivered to me yesterday with a note that says "Will you be my girlfriend? Text yes or no" :) How freaking awesome is that?! Yes, some may say cheesy...I say romantic and incredibly thoughtful. I feel like I really want to gush like a little girl right now because I'm so happy. He is the reason for my huge smile and little girl giggle lately. I don't think I've ever met anyone like him before... You would think he was too good to be true. Well, he's 100% real and I know I didn't make him up. I know it will be a pretty great experience, because as of now it's been pretty amazing. Normally I am not the type of girl that would come on here and talk about her "love life" but something about this is different. He makes me ridiculously happy... and I think that's rare to find in this world we live in. So I am going to hang on to it for as long as I can. Did I make anyone barf yet? No? Ok good! :)

Anywho, that's all I really have for today. Thanks for reading...

P.S. I said yes :)




I'll keep it simple. This whole week has pretty much been fantastic and the rest of the week seems to be going in the right direction. I just wanted to share that with whoever gets bored enough to read my blog :)




I feel like I haven't been on here much lately... Probably because I haven't been on here much lately. It's a Saturday morning and I am at work. I went to bed around 3 am and woke up at 7:40. I am surprisingly not THAT tired. We'll see how the rest of the day drags on.

So far at work it's going well, busy as always. I'm on G talk with Tones while he is getting tattooed so the morning is going by a bit faster because of him. Thanks Tones ;) I'm going to lunch with my mom today at noon, we missed last week because she decided to eat without me. Wtf? We eat together every Saturday! Haha...

Tomorrow we are finally having our housewarming party, ya... it's been 6 weeks since we've been living there. May was just way too crazy to even atempt to have the party in that month. This month seems to be a bit more calm on the busy front. Well, still busy but not to the point that it's overwhelming.

I feel so happy and blessed lately, it almost scares me. I was watching Sex and the city (the movie) and in the movie Charlotte ends up getting pregnant after years and years of trying and she freaks out because she says that she's so happy that it scares her, because people never get everything they want and she is terrified that something bad is going to happen to her. I totally thought about that the other day! I thought... man, everything is going so well for me right now, and I feel like something is going to happen. Enemy attacking me? Maybe... or just reality that not everything is going to peachy all the time. Idk. Thoughts? Comments? Complaints?

Anywho, I've run on enough. I'm done.



Birthday Madness

Yesterday was my mamas b-day. She turned 49 I believe. I think birthdays are starting to get a little easier for her since my dad hasn't been here for them. We had dinner at my mom/sisters house last night for her. I surprised her with some flowers and birthday cake and Mercy surprised her with a nice dinner.

I had a really good time last night with them. It felt like old times when I used to live there. I got to spend time with Luca so that was fun. He smiled when he saw me :) I was trying to feed him but he wasn't having it. Mercy says he's a high maintenance child and she hopes I never have one like that haha! They were telling me how he cackles, after some time trying to make him crack up, I sneezed and he busted up laughing! This kid... out of everything that could make him laugh, he laughed at my sneezing lol. Whatever works I guess.

To say the least it was a great night. Till next time...


Luca on Myspace...

My sister sent me this picture of my nephew "cruising" Myspace. She told me that he actually got fussy when they started taking him away from the computer! Haha! This kid is gonna be trouble...



Last night...

So yesterday I got an email telling me that there was a family from church who was being evicted from their home and needed to be out by noon the next day, which is now today. The email was asking if anyone would be able come out and help them move from the old house to their new house. This family was moving everything all on their own, and on top of that the mom is pregnant and due in July. When I first heard about it I immediatly thought back to when I was in the same exact situation just two years ago. After my dad passed away we couldn't afford our mortgage so those three months of not paying creeped up pretty fast and we ended up in repo of the house. Long story short, me, my sister, sister in law and mom moved our two story house in a week. So as soon as I heard the situation my heart immediately went out to them. It's definately not easy, and no one should go through that alone. Our small group met last night and we all decided as a group that we would go down there and help them in whatever we could.

Two of the people that were in group last night were there for the first time. One girl hadn't been to church since she was 12, the other said he just doesn't really go that often because of work. Well so anyway, my group ended up going out there and helping this family move till about 1:30 AM. And when we left they still weren't done. Some really good things came out of last night, the girl who hasn't been to church since she was 12 decided last night that she is going to tell her boss not to schedule her on Sundays anymore so she can start going to church... AMAZING. The family we helped I believe truly saw the love of God in it's purest form. From what I heard last night, the Dad in the family had somewhat given up on church, I think after last night I heard him talking about going back. It's seriously what its all about. I don't think that family expected anyone to come and help them, let alone strangers that they just met that night.

Gods love and grace is everywhere, even in the crappiest of situations. I always remind myself of that.




So I'm at home right now, yes... HOME. Which means we got internet! YAY! Haha, I was just telling Candice that the simplest things make us happy. Like how we have internet and cable. What else do we need?

So just a quick update, first year of Catalyst is over! Un-freaking-believable! One whole year! And here I thought I wasn't going to last a month! Maybe now I'll get a little time to breath.

So tomorrow is me and the girls 2 week anniversary. Haha. So far it's been a party everyday. Candice and I were saying how we want to live together forever because we're having too much fun. Then we said that if we were to get married we would just have our husbands move in because we aren't going anywhere. This house is way too comfortable.

That's about all I have for now... I'm a little sick right now so I'm a little out of it. Good night kids.



Lunch Break

So this is what I did on my lunch yesterday... I went home, had lunch with my feet in the pool and then I was able to take a power nap before going back to work. Only problem with living so close to work is that you never want to go back to work, who would?

Last night we had a "Golden Girls" family photoshoot... I just want to say that I LOVE having a pro photographer living in our house. The pictures look absolutely amazing. We have some shots where we're jumping off the couch and flying like Superman. Pretty sure we look petrified in each "flying" shot. It was a blast to say the least. Almost three hours and 100's of pictures later we got ourselves a family portrait. I broke away from taking pictures to get some papers done for school but who was I kidding? I got one paper done out of four and went right back to the shoot. I don't think I'll ever get any real work done in that house, which isn't really a bad thing... I'm making memories that will last me a lifetime. Haha.



Well it's here...

May. Yup, it's here. So move in day was on Wednesday. Between me, my mom, candice, tones, matt and FLA we got everything out of the apt. Thanks God! Our first night sleeping in the new place was glorious, for me anyway. Jo Jo said she couldn't sleep because she was way too excited haha. The girls and I stayed up till 1 am that day just talking about boys, life, boys etc. It's gonna be a great summer, I can feel it. We had our first official "tv night" last night, that was a lot of fun. It's nice to have cable again, internet should be on it's way shortly.

Did I mention how Jolenes mom hooked us up with free food? Dude, she hooked us up with free food. She said if we want we could have that all the time, ummm.... yes please. Really though, I thank God for letting it all come together the way it did, couldn't have asked for a better house, couldn't have asked for better roomates. Good times are sure to come, I will be documenting them as they happen.

On other news, I have ONE week left of classes/finals. I have FIVE finals next week. Three on Monday and two on Thursday. Frrriiiccck. I cannot wait to get through the next week. It'll definately help as far being overwhelmed goes. So I'll be spending my entire Sunday and Monday finishing papers that were "lost" after I turned them in. Anywho, it's all I've got for today.




Lately I've been so sleep deprived. I feel like I'm averaging about 6 hours a night, which I suppose for some people is good enough. Not for me. I feel like I'm not as young as I used to be. OK ok so I'm only 23, but I feel like every year that goes by makes me a little less willing to stay out late. I remember back in the day, which was a Wednesday by the way. I used to go to work 730 to 4, come home take a couple hour nap and then go out and be out till about 3 am. Doing what you might ask? Nothing that I would do again, haha.

I think once I added school, interning, volunteering etc etc etc. is when my sleep went out the door. I think I also have a problem with "calling it a night" if you will. I'm that person who doesn't like to leave early because I know if I do I'm going to miss something. My goal for this year is to learn when to call it quits.

As I'm writing this I'm having a little bit of trouble staying awake. This couple just brought in the cutest dog to my work. I'm supposed to say "ma'am I'm sorry but we don't allow dogs..." eh, I don't want to tell them that. It's Saturday AND I don't want the dog to die from heat sitting in the car waiting for its owners to get their daily fix of sanity. It makes me want to get a dog :(



My stomach that is...

It's Thursday which means LESS than one week till moving day! I started packing last night and my closet is a bloody nightmare. I'll put it to you this way, it's a walk in closet but there is no where to walk. I can't wait till I can walk up to my house without having to walk the "gauntlet" Corre knows what I'm talking about.

So I got some really great news on Monday, news that I can't exactly spread on here but I am super stoked and excited about it! I can't wait. I feel like things are going really well for me right now. I had a conversation with a friend the other day about how we can't truly fathom all the amazing things that God has in store for us... It's true. I can't. I never thought in a MILLION years that I would be where I am today and I'm just getting started.

On a random note: Candice and I found old home videos of us and a couple other friends from high school from our heathan days. I seriously could not believe some of the words that would fly out of my mouth! Ridiculous. It made me want to slap myself for thinking I was so cool with my "Smirnoff". I'm not gonna lie though, some of our dance moves were pretty snazzy. Haha. It was all a learning experience I suppose. It adds a little flare to my testimony. ;)

Chris Kretzu this blog was NOT inspired by you... He knows what I'm talking about.



Side Note:

I'm a little pissed off with Blogger... I've tried about FIVE times to set up my picture blogging and NOTHING. :-/

Longest week ever...

Man, where do I start? This week has been hectic to say the least. Working 8 hour days to school to work to youth to work to small group to work to school to small group (again) to birthday dinners to work to tent walk and now we're back to work. You get the picture? I haven't had one day this week where I have had nothing to do... What's odd is I love the fact that I'm so busy all the time. I sometimes wonder if I like to be so busy so that way I can't think about the things that are wrong with my life. It's what I used to do anyway... anytime I would have even the slightest bit of time to think about my misfortunes I would burry myself into something. Whether it be work, school, music etc. I think at this point in my life it has nothing to do with that. I keep myself busy yes, but I keep myself busy with doing God's work.

Lately I find myself getting frustrated with people who don't have the same passions as me. Don't get me wrong, I know everyone is different and has their own opinion, but it just flat out upsets me when I'm talking about something thats incredibly important to me and I get the "ya..." response. We just did the tent walk for Give to Live last night and I'm pretty sure that not ONE person I thought would be there showed up. There was so much planning, so much hard work, and even tears at one point. I don't know... I guess I just figured that they would be there in support of what we all worked so hard on these past few months...ya...months. The more I think of it... I'm just glad that those who showed up got something out of it. I know all that work was appreciated by the only person whos opinion truly matters. God.



At Furnace we are in this "Give to Live" series where we want to raise awareness about human traffiking. Every week this month we are focusing on a specific type of traffiking. This week we are focused on sex. Last night we watched "Trade" it focuses on the sex traffiking that happeneds all around the world, and sadly, it included the United States.

This movie was incredibly difficult to watch. The whole movie was based on a 13 yr old girl who is kidnapped from her home in Juarez, Mexico to be used and abused from Mexico all the way to New Jersey where she would be put up for auction and sold to the highest bidder. Writing about this makes me physically ill. I can't wrap my mind around the fact that this is happening in our world today, RIGHT NOW! Right at this very moment someone is being sold, abused, raped... the list goes on.

It just flat out upsets me. It upsets me because I can't physically go to all of these places and save each and every person. Sigh...I'm sitting here trying to finish this entry and I find myself having a hard time looking at my screen as my eyes completely fill with tears. I may not be able to save everyone, but sure as hell am going to do what I can. I encourage you to educate yourself and find out what you yourself can do also. Come to the Furnace for the rest of April. Sunday nights @ 7pm. Do something!



"When I counted up my demons..."

Let me set up the scenery for you, I am sitting upstairs at church where there is not one person. I have Coldplay playing in the background, yes...Coldplay. I will risk getting the "You know how I know you're gay?" Answer: "You like Coldplay". It has to be my favorite band. "And I can write a song, a hundred miles long, well that's where I belong... I wish I could write a song like that.

When I was younger I wanted to become a famous singer. That dream lasted a while and then I realized I didn't really want to be famous, but I definately did/do want to sing. Maybe God wants me to sing for him and to sing with others just for him. I also used to write songs, ya... me. Crazy right? I don't know that any of them were any good but I definately enjoyed it. Almost makes me want to start writing songs again, almost.

I want to start learning how to actually play music. I got a drum set not too long ago, I haven't been able to start lessons. I'm workin' on it though. I'll get there. Hopefully soon. I picked up guitar...haha not technically. I only learned two cords BUT I can play those suckers well! Pretty soon I'll be a one woman show, haha. Probably not.


O.C.D. much?

So theres this woman I work with who EVERYDAY that she comes in to the office she has to sanitize her desk. I'm talking full on getting out the alcohol bottle and paper towels and just going at it. It drives me half way up the wall because all you hear is her banging around moving her keyboard, computer screen, mouse, phone, you name it! Every single day.

You would think that because of where I work that I would be used to things like this. In some way I've gotten used to it BUT... every so often you just kinda wanna be like REALLY!? Is it necessary to sanitize every day? I'm rambling now. She came in at 8 am this morning, it is now 8:28 am, she is still going at it. Now she's sanitizing her hands. Did they not get enough from the desk?

Ok, this has now reached a new level of weird, she just broke out her white out bottles and is cleaning them, oh... here come the pens. Dear God, why are we the way we are? Pretty soon she'll be sanitizing me.

Annoyed and amazed.


Emma Lillian Broughton

Today was the funeral for Aaron and Sonias baby girl Emma Lillian Broughton. I don't know whats worse, having someone in your life for a long time and losing them or never getting to know this person and losing them. I know we are supposed to believe in God and have faith that he knows what he is doing, but we are human and I know we all asked ourselves "why?" I always say that I believe everything happeneds for a reason, so I believe and trust that God knows what he is doing.

I am pretty sure that there wasn't a dry eye in that cemetary. I think when Moses went up to speak is when I couldn't hold back and be that tower of strength that I so much desire to be. Also, Chris played "Somewhere over the rainbow" which of course, reminds me of my Dad because that song was put in his memorial video. I'm not turning it around in any way shape or form to feel sorry for myself for my loss, but you can't help but remember.

All I can say is that family has the most amazing strength I have ever seen. If anyone shall read this, please pray for them.


Just plain tired...

I think this couch that I'm sitting on is probably one of the most comfortable couches I've sat on in a while. I'm pretty much falling asleep over here but I'm excited that I have internet right now. I'm spending the night over @ Tarahs. She's sitting next to me talking about ministry and how to reach out to more people. This girl doesn't get how amazing she is. She's the daughter of the king, don't you forget it.

Me and the girls had a little hair coloring party, I had a picture of it but this computer for some reason wont let me post it. So picture four girls in one bathroom coloring eachothers hair. It was a blasty blast. I'll find out in a few hours when I wake up what my hair looks like.

I also have a picture of Tarah with the biggest tub of butter EVER! but alas this computer will not let me load photos. The reason the picture was funny to me is because it was her with a bowl of spaghettios, a big tub of butter(for her bread), and her bible next to her on the kitchen table. I had 1/2 Cap'n Crunch and 1/2 Life cereal. I know you all desperately wanted to know about our midnight snack.

I am ridiculously exhausted (Saturday) was a very draining day. It was intersting to say the least. I feel like I'm too tired to go over what happened today. But if you want to know here's how it went .


Lunch w/ Mom


Red Robin w/ some amazing people

Hair colored by my personal stylist

Hanging out/spending the night with T.

I need to get up for service in about 5 hrs. Which means... bed time.

Good Night


Everybodys workin' for the weekend...

So... "It's a beatiful day" and I'm sitting at a desk behind a computer screen. Sigh. It's not so bad I suppose. I am tired though. I went to dinner last night with Jolene "left eye" Campbell, it's her new nic name. Haha. When I arrived to the restaurant I was greeted by 4 drunk men and their wives. I got an applause and a "Brenda! So glad you made it!" ah man, good times. Throughout the dinner they would all try to make conversation with us. They even sang a little Keath Sweat, something along the lines of somebodys mind saying no but their body is telling them yes. Side note: We watched "21" it was a pretty good movie, I would recommend it. I love Jim Sturgess too so I guess I'll like any movie he's in.

My mom is picking me up for lunch today. Which is always a good thing because it usually means FREE food. Or being the good daughter that I am I treat her. Saturday is really the only day I'm gauranteed to see her because I am so busy. And even then it's only for about an hour :-/ I really need to make it a point to visit my family more often. I hardly recognize my nephew when I see him because he's changing everyday.

I spoke to my G-pa yesterday afternoon, which was last night for him. He lives out in Florida so I haven't seen him since he moved back to Florida from Corona almost two years ago. When he got on the phone my eyes immediatly began to water. He didn't sound anything like the G-pa that I know. He's 79 but you would think this guy was in his 60's. He has the spirit of a young kid, and he's really loud, outgoing, and nosey (which I love) and is most likely where I got it from (you can blame him). Ever since my Dad passed away two years ago he hasn't been the same. The guys life was crushed when his only son was taken from him. He had a heart attack in October of 07' and since then has been struggling to get better. The problem is that he doesn't really want to get better, I think at this point in his life he's ready to go. Which makes me really sad because I haven't seen him in so long. I gotta get down there sooner than later. I'm actually to the point where I wouldn't even mind flying out there by myself. If anyone would like to go with me that would be cool too :-)


"Like a pen needs a page..."

I was just talking to Candice about TRS and it made me think about the entire album and what it makes me think of. It reminds me of summer of 07' which wasn't that long ago but feels like forever. I can't wait for the summer to roll around. The days when we would hit up the beach and make obscene comments to eachother about who would rub sun block on who haha or is it "whom"? The days of midnight beach runs and bon fires where Chris gets a little lighter fluid happy. Good times.

I don't have much insight for today, but I can tell you that I'm in pain because I'm a retard and I sliced my finger open with a box cutter and now I have a tiny splint on my finger. I took it off yesterday thinking I would be fine...NOPE! Oh, and my shoulder hurts because once again I'm retarded and locked my keys in my car. In the process of getting the lock open with a "slim jim" I basically threw out my shoulder and now I can hardly move it. Sigh, which means I didn't sleep very well, which means I am somewhat cranky. I apologize in advance If I am a "B" to you :-) It's all in love.

Once again...Thee "Hot Mess"


Speak up B!

So learning when and when not to say something has always been an issue for me. I feel like I have something weighing heavy on my heart and I can't bring myself to talk about it. Sometimes I think that If I can't bring myself to talk about it then it must not be worth it. Then I think no that can't be right because I know in my heart that it is worth it. It amazes me how I can be so incredibly sure about something but still have that TINY part of me that doubts.I always feel like I get confirmation from God that my train of thought is correct. Then I think, what makes me think that it's from God? It may very well just be me being crazy. Just when I think I've got it all figured out God throws something else out at me that I just can't ignore. So I'm thinking ok ok I got it! But what do I do with it? I just know that I refuse to live my life in regret of the things I could have said but didn't. So does that mean I just answered my own question about whether or not to speak up? I guess it does :-/ which means I need to prepare myself for the worst and hope and pray for the best. I feel like I rambled terribly, which makes me think that I'm a mess. A hot mess at that. Sigh...


May. Mai. Maios.

So May is vastly approaching, I feel like May is practically booked from start to finish. Starting with the move from "Thee Apt" to the new house. I am ridiculously excited about moving back into a house. Not only do I move into a house but I get to move in with three amazing women. Yes, that's FOUR women in ONE house. I can't wait, 31 days and counting! Oh! Almost forgot, house warming party! The date is TBA but we're definately having one. We gotta put our pool to good use. Random side note: I think I'm most excited about having internet.

May is also the month of many weddings, well...not many but two. Two weddings that I have been anticipating for quite a while now. I think I may be anticipating the bacholorette parties more than the weddings, KIDDING....kinda. I'm not gonna lie, all of this wedding planning and what not makes me want to elope when I finally decide to take that plunge. I'm sure I'll change my mind once I actually get to that point but for now I'm stickin' to it.

I just realized that I also complete my first year of Catalyst in May (assuming I pass all my finals). It's insane to me to think that just a year ago I started going back to church and helping out and now I'm going to school to become a Pastor. I remember telling Billy in Africa that I almost canceled my appointment with him when we were going to talk about the program. I also remember Nicole telling me "I think you'll walk out of that office enrolled in Catalyst, and maybe a couple tears" haha, well no tears but definately enrolled and ready to go. I thank God everyday that I didn't cancel that appointment. I truly believe it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I don't think I've ever been happier.

So...it's going to be a busy month to say the least...but I can't wait! It's gonna be great.